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Residential and Commercial Security Camera Installation New Orleans LA

Sun Ray Technologies

We're an authorized dealer for Alibi security systems. You can rest easy knowing you've hired a qualified company in New Orleans, LA to install your systems. Trust us for top-notch building automation, security system and solar panel installation services in Laplace & New Orleans, LA.

Sun Ray Technologies

True home security and automation with Alexa capabilities. Experience freedom and peace of mind. Trust for home automation, security systems, and home entertainment installation in Laplace & New Orleans, LA.

Sun Ray Technologies

If you've been searching for smart ways to improve your property, reach out to Sun Ray Technologies. We specialize in off-grid solar technology, and we also provide other services to make your life easier Like at home survelience, home theatre & more.

Why Choose Us

Free Walk-Thru, Design, Estimate

The New Orleans technicians at Sun Ray Technologies will work with you to gain a better understanding of your budget and your security needs.

Usually Same Day Service

Although it may depend on the complexity of your project, our New Orleans team will do everything in our power to install your new system same-day.


At Sun Ray Technologies, our primary concern is our customers. That’s why we develop plans designed to fit your home or business. .

Low-Impact Installs with Cleanup

We do everything in our power to minimize the inconvenience of the installation process. We’ll be sure to clean up on our way out, too.

Quality Equipment, Three-Year Warranty

You won’t have to worry about your equipment malfunctioning thanks to our long line of quality products. Each product has at least a three-year warranty.

One-On-One Training with No Cost Assistance

Our New Orleans team won’t leave until you feel comfortable with your new security installation. We’ll provide thorough training for your new system.

Monitor Your Home or Business From Anywhere

Our remote monitoring package comes with professional installation and lets you control a doorbell camera, cameras, and more from anywhere using our Alibi Witness app. Keep an eye on your assets with alert systems that remotely monitor and control your home, vacation property or small business in New Orleans, LA.

Multi-Camera Recording - Select cameras, including indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras to get a more complete picture.

No Subscription Cost - Continuous video recording, storage, and accessibility, anywhere in the world, from your phone or browser.

Continuous recording - Save a month of footage from up to four cameras and browse minute-by-minute using event markers.

All In One Solutions
to work for Your Property

That’s why we seek to provide trust and clarity to those living in Louisiana. We offer professional installations while partnering with the best in the technology industry, all to keep you and your business safe and secure.

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Fire Alarm

Easily monitor and detect danger with a fire alarm system. Gain a fully operational system and stop costly business assets from being destroyed.

Fire Alarms

Alarm System

Rest easy knowing you’ll be alerted to any unauthorized entry into your Arkansas home or business.

Burglar Alarms

Security Cameras

Our security cameras provide top-notch video surveillance for monitoring your residential or commercial properties.

Security Cameras


Monitor and control your security system remotely from your mobile device. Features include control panels, access to view live footage, and peace of mind.

Remote Monitoring

Access Control

Limit entry to your property with access control. Access control enables your security to be centrally controlled and restricts entry to off-limit areas.

Access Control

Data Systems

With our high-tech software and data management systems we’ll ensure the availability of critical information necessary to support effective operations and response.

Data Systems

How It Works

  • On-Site Visit
  • App & Camera Demo
  • Installation & Training
  • 24/7 Support

Free Walkthrough, Consultation

We’ll begin the process of coming up with a comprehensive security system by getting to know you and your property. Our New Orleans security cameras technicians will walk through your property and gain a better understanding of what it is you’re looking to get out of your new security system. This is all performed free of charge.

Demo of App and Live Feed of a Working Alibi Witness

We want you to be comfortable with the products we use, which is why our technicians will give you a full demo of the Alibi Witness Mobile App. This application, which we use frequently, provides central management system-level functionality. We’ll show you how customers just like yourself have learned to take advantage of the app.

Proposal & Sitemap

Once we’ve agreed to a new security solution, our technicians will work quickly to install the new security system with as little inconvenience to you as possible. Then, even though installation may be complete, our job is not done. We provide one-on-one training so that you’re comfortable with your new security system.

Support, No Cost Assistance

At Sun Ray Technologies, we value the relationships we have built with our customers. It’s our goal to create bonds that will last for years to come. We’ve found one of the tools that helps most with this is our support program. Our customers can call us at any time if they’re having trouble with their security system, free of charge.

Secure and Grow Your Business

Call for a Needs Assessment
Schedule onsite demo of custom solution
Deploy your solutions in current locations
Your support team is there 24/7 to assist you

Deterring Theft With
Sun Ray Technologies

Caught on Camera

Our customer had a property they were remodeling and were experiencing missing tools and building materials because no one occupied the property.

Eager to shed some light on who was victimizing them, our customer had us install an 8 camera system which was strategically positioned to be unseen until you were already visible on camera.

2 days after install, our customer sent us this photo of the person responsible. He noticed he was caught on camera and waved. He was soon arrested and charged.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sun Ray Technologies for their installation of my 7 camera system, television and LED lighting. I'm very satisfied with the installation but I'm most intrigued with the customer service. I highly recommend Sun Ray Technologies for your next project."

Wil Ursun | Dec 18, 2016

"Sun Ray Technologies, job very well done. Greg walked us through the entire process. The cameras are the best. Most of the time, we watch the cameras oppose to watching a show on the tv. Thank you for finally making us feel safe. Very good investment."

Mr, Mrs Anderson | Nov 4, 2017

"Sun Ray Technologies installed my 8 camera system and I am happy as can be. I am 81 years and live alone. Now I can see all around my house in the dark because I have the cameras that can see in complete darkness. I feel comfortable in my house alone, it’s a great feeling too."

Dorothy Ayers | Oct 2, 2017